Meet The Bowes!


Meet the Bowes!

First off this is probably the most un-candid photo we’ve ever taken together. Usually we are acting goofy, probably laughing hysterically or blurting out random sounds. We think we are cool people to hang out with but the verdict is still out on that. We’re about nine months into our marriage and I’m usually not to far away from her. I think she is drop dead gorgeous and I cant get enough of her. And that’s a good thing. We think life is short so why not enjoy the time you have on this earth together.¬†One of the best advice I received was “marry your best friend.” Make sure you actually enjoy being around this person.

As we go on I’ll tell more about our story while giving a few snippets into our everyday lives . Of course we share a love for Jesus, style, exploring new food spots, hunting for deals in the clearance racks, jamming out to great music, traveling, posing by a sweet wall, etc. I want y’all to have a taste of who we are in the hope that you would get to know us better. Hopefully once you do, you’ll want to hang with us as much as we want to hang with you.

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