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Hey yall,

If you are reading this thanks for stopping by. Today we are going to talk about the do’s and dont’s about patterns. I’m sure you all have seen that there has been an increase in designs that feature distinct patterns on clothing. Nowadays you can pretty much find a shirt with birds, anchors, palm trees and even llamas prints all over the fabric. Ok I have yet to see a shirt with llamas all over it but I think it would be really cool shirt idea, just saying. I love that more and more people (especially guys) are stepping outside of their comfort zone and surfing this current wave. Of course, it’s easy to get carried away by the rip tide of patterns washing over us today. So I wanted to include a few quick dos and don’ts when it comes to pattern mixing.

Know your color story
What’s the color story you want to tell? It’s a great idea not to mix color palettes. It isn’t pleasing to the eyes and it will give off the impression that you got dressed in the dark. My 4th grade art teacher Ms. Darville would always tell us to paint the picture using complementary colors. The same holds true when you are putting an outfit together.

Don’t pile on top of patterns
Your outfit can become super busy if you try to incorporate too many busy prints in your outfit at once. Its important to ensure your outfit is easy on the eyes and not a strain. So don’t be overzealous with the patterns.  

Follow the rule of thumb
If you are going to go pattern crazy with one piece of your outfit, then dumb down the rest of the outfit. For instance, if you have a blazer that has a cool but crazy print, don’t wear pair of pants that have crazy prints. Wear some blue jeans or slacks thats are simple and a straight color. An article of clothing with a crazy pattern is automatically the focal point of your outfit. So it is a good idea to maybe simplify the rest of your outfit. Just some food for thought.

But lets get back to the style and talking about this outfit.

Lets start with the blazer. I chose to go with this eggplant colored blazer. I think this color is fire. This is a blazer is versatile and can be flipped so many ways. Guys, step out and buy a blazer that’s a different color than your typical black or blue. You wont be disappointed.

Can we talk about this floral print shirt. This shirt is pretty busy from a pattern stand point. But if you took good notes earlier in this post you probably noticed the rule of thumb in full effect. If you are asking “whats the rule of thumb?” Then you need to stop, and scroll to the top of the post and reread the first half of this post again. And don’t skim this time ha. I’m still a fan of floral prints. So if you haven’t got at least one floral print shirt, go get one.

Being the detail guy that I am. I decided to tie the look in with a gold timepiece. Just because I felt that the gold watch was going to bring out the yellow flowers on my shirt. Yes, these crazy thoughts actually do go on in my head. There’s your insight into what goes on in Fed’s head. But you guys know that I am big on watches! They add so much to any fit!

Of course you guys are probably wondering what’s on my feet. These are my equivalent of the blue suede shoes Carl Perkings (more notably Elvis Presley) sung about for so many years. I wanted to add a little edge to this look so I decided to add these boots into the mix.

Here’s the entire look

Blazer: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Watch: Fossil

Jeans: CottonOn

Boots: Steve Madden

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys are enjoying these posts as much as I have! Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this post!

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