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Let’s be honest, there are times when you want to dial it down a notch but still be fashionable. Or you may just want an easy outfit that’s versatile enough to be used in multiple settings. Versatility is always key. This outfit does just that. I kind of fell into this outfit as a result of a spontaneous decision by my wife and I to go shopping. You know what, I am comfortable enough to admit that I enjoy shopping for deals. Ain’t no shame in the game y’all. I get a rush from finding a really got deal or a even bringing to life something that was marked as clearance.


Lets take a second to highlight this long line hoodie with zipped pockets. This olive green color is a must this season. I’ve always been a fan of a good hoodie. Perhaps that’s because I’m reminded of my basketball days of old when I would try to “mess around and get a triple double.” But the fashionable/hipster hoodie is a great addition to any closet. So go and get you not one, not two, not three.

I wanted to try something a little different so I decided to pair this hoodie with these bleached washed gray jeans. I’m a proponent of taking a risk or trying new things at least once. There’s something about jumping into quality denim. Its smells good, its feels good, its just good! It’s kind of like freshly baked homemade apple pie with two scoops of Bluebell ice cream on top. And now, I’m going to have to raid our fridge for a dessert.

But we have to talk about these kicks. These olive green, high top nike vandals with red laces were actually the first kicks I bought after my 2 year hiatus from purchasing tennis shoes. Believe it or not, I sold all the kicks I had and went cold turkey for a while. Maybe I got tired of kicks or perhaps the realization that my collegiate basketball career was coming to an end pushed me to the edge. But I came back to my senses. The fact that I scooped these kicks up (brand new of course) for $15 probably helped the cause. I call it “ballin on a budget.” Expect a few posts about that in the future!

Here’s the entire look. Thanks for stopping by. If there’s a topic you’d like for me to touch on let me know!

See ya


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