Gym Rat

Hey yall,

I’m so excited to launch this FITNESS portion of my blog. There’s so much I want to share with y’all. We are in a constant uphill battle with Father Time. You know that’s right. But honestly we all want to better ourselves and get in better shape. Especially since winter has left us and summer is quickly approaching. Fitness has always been a passion of mine. And I bet you have a passion for it as well. So, I want to collaborate with all you fitness junkies and gym rats out there (like myself). We are all on this fitness train. Its a well known fact that having someone there encouraging you to complete that last rep makes a big difference when your arms are burning so much that you want to give up. We are stronger together. So why not encourage each other to achieve our goals right? I want to cheer you on along your fitness journey!

So I get asked quite a bit “what’s your training philosophy?” It’s quite simple, train hard, stay committed and proper technique over heavy weights. I’m a big fan of using the proper technique when completing exercise. Regardless of how tired I may get I will still use proper form. Even if that means reducing my weights. Obviously, there are negative implications from not using proper technique when weight training such as strains, sprains and other injuries. No one’s about that life!

I very rarely max out when I weight lift. I lean toward increased number reps over maxing out and only performing 3-5 reps. I feel that I get a better burn doing more reps. Lets be real, who wants to put all those weights on the rack just to complete one rep? Unless you are training for the next Mr. Olympia competition thats really not all that necessary.

I also don’t spend five hours in the gym. I love including an anaerobic twist to my workouts. Anaerobic exercises are short duration exercises powered primarily by metabolic pathways that do not use oxygen. Couple that with HIT (high intensity training) element and there you have it!

I’m excited to share fitness tips, workouts and insight that I’ve learned along the way. So strap in and lets do this fitness thing. We can all get summer ready. But seriously, the goal is to life a greater quality of life! So lets do this thing! Its going to be fun.

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