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Its been a couple weeks since I’ve posted but here we are. I grew up hearing the phrase “busy as a bee.” I guess the premise is that you should be very active or stay busy all the time. Let’s take a slight pause for your nature lesson for the day. A bee colony contains one breeding female (queen bee aka Beyonce but not really), a few thousand drones, and a large portion of worker bees. The worker bees work around the clock to feed the queen and larvae, guard the entrance to the hive, and are responsible for keeping the hive cool by fanning their wings.

But as a society we have taken this concept to the extremes. We move so fast and are constantly on the go. We get angry when we have to sit and wait for longer than we deem necessary for food at a restaurant. If I can be honest with you, I get angry when I have to sit at a long red light. We are constantly “on the grind” or trying to attain success. In our pursuit of the “American dream” we are choosing to work more and ignore our inherent need to rest.

We all not the physical benefits of rest. There are seriously too many to name. But I truly believe that we all can take time to rest our mind, body and soul. We all can carve more time to rest. So take some time this week to truly unwind. Relax your mind. Sit still and do nothing without feeling guilty about it. Meditate, read your bible, whatever you need to do to truly rest. If you do this, I guarantee that you will feel so refreshed afterwards. Now, I can go into greater detail about the importance of rest but I think I will save that for another day.

But we have to talk about the style. I am excited about spring and the fashion that comes with it. We are going to channel our inner (Drizzy) Drake and start from the bottom. These turquoise Nike Air Max SE’s are not only fresh but comfortable. So show your feet some love and snag a pair of these nike’s. Next we are going to mention these black denim jeans with knee rips. Fun fact, I’ve had someone ask me, why would you pay for jeans with holes in it. My response: Why not? But I digress. But seriously I think this was on of my favorite shots just because of all the different shades of green. I almost felt Irish.

I kept it pretty simple with my long line tee. Turquoise is a really hot color this spring. I tell guys all the time, “Don’t be afraid to rock the pastels.” Add some color to your closet. This long line tee has an extended white hem. The detailing of the hem drew me to this shirt. It’s all about the details y’all! No outfit is complete without an a nice timepiece. So I decided to add this rose gold micheal kors oversized runway watch to the mix. I think it ties in well. This is a pretty simple yet fresh look for Spring. Sometimes doing less goes a whole lot further. Hope you like it!

Just a reminder, take some time to rest this week!

Here’s the entire look:

Shoes by Nike
Jeans by Pull & Bear
Shirt by Forever 21 men
Watch by Michael Kors

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Let me know what you thought about it!

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