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Hey everyone,

I wanted to start off by saying thanks to all those that have served so that I could enjoy the freedoms that exists in this great country. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. As I was sitting in my living room I remembered a moment from back in my collegiate days. I got together with a group of my friends and we headed out to a spot called “the point.” Some of you may not know this but I attended college in the great state of Michigan. The point was a spot that had become popular at the time with college students. Basically, it was a scenic lookout area compete with sharp rocks, boulders and everything else you would need to ensure a quick death. The point became popular because you could cliff dive from about 45 feet high into Lake Superior.

So, my buddies and I hiked our way up the cliff. We arrived at the top and were waiting our turn to jump off this cliff. As we were drawing closer to the front of the line, one of my friends explains that there’s a sharp rock that is jutting out and in order to clear it you will need to run and jump out (as if you are competing in a long jump) in order to clear the rock. Needless to say, I was petrified. Not only did I need to conquer a fear of jumping from so high, I also had to make sure I jumped out far enough so that I didn’t die instantly. So the moment of truth arrives, and it’s my turn to jump. I’m faced with the decision, either to jump or allow fear to keep me stuck in my tracks. How often do we find ourselves in this position in life. We may have an I idea, desire to be a different job field, want to try someone thing we’ve never done before but we are Too Afraid to jump out and try something different or new.

I know y’all are wondering, but I jumped off that cliff that day! My heart beat out my chest as I was plummeting 45 feet into Lake Superior. That was the longest 2.5 seconds of my life. My life flashed before my eyes, I prayed, and wondered if it was physically possible for the water to evaporate before I landed in the water. However, the feeling that came over me once I hit the water was indescribable. So I climbed back up the cliff and jumped off another three times. My encouragement to you is, don’t let fear prevent you from making the jump into new waters. Try that new thing, chase that dream inside you, but don’t allow fear to cause to be stuck. DIVE IN!

Now lets talk about the style. This fit was from a recent trip my wife and I took to Cali. We were definitely feeling the Cali vibes we were there. If you haven’t been to California, the weather there is perfect. Because the weather is so amazing I decided to break out this frayed sleeveless plaid shirt. This is a very unique plaid color pattern. But I was drawn to this shirt because of the gold snap buttons running along the sides of this shirt. I like a homage to my junior high basketball days when we had the breakaway warm up pants. I felt like Michael Jordan after I ripped off my breakaway warm ups and ran on the court ha! The sleeveless frayed plaid shirt is a hot look this summer. So get on it!

Of course I couldn’t walk out into the cali sun without a nice pair of frames. Seriously, who doesn’t love a nice pair of aviators. Got to keep the UV rays at bay. These Ray Bans are one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses I own! They provide a classic yet sophisticated slay.

These black distress and patchwork design jeans complete with frayed design have been on a constant rotation. As a tall guy, its sometimes a struggle to find jeans that are the right length. So once you find a brand that appreciates a tall man, you got to stick with em.

And I know you probably asked yourself, is he wearing snake skin shoes? The answer is YES! I love details and things that are unique. These shoes always seem to grab the attention of people on the street. I love these kicks. Some day I’m going to design a few pairs. You heard it first here!

The Entire Fit:

Shirt / Forever 21 Men
Sunglasses / Rayban
Jeans / Neuw Denim
Watch / Michael Kors
Shoes / Vans Off the Wall

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