T G I Fray’days!

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo to Everyone out there on the interwebs! Yesterday was an a great day for me. Firstly both me and my forever bride, Jaclyn had the day off from work. Whenever that happens we love to just hang out and enjoy each other. So yesterday was great. I woke up early and got a fresh cut (haircut). I dropped off some donations to the Goodwill. Picked up a fresh new pair of icy kicks (60 % off of course). And I did all this before 10:30am. So for those that don’t know me as well I guess I’m your achiever/goal oriented type on steroids. I love getting stuff done and checking things off the internal list in my head. I guess I’m constantly asking myself, what else can I get done. I suppose I’m the furthest away from procrastination you can get. Though this is a good trait however, sometimes I find it hard to turn it off. You know, just flow without needing to get a task done. This is simply because I’m wired to get things done and I want to get things done. I’m thankful I’m married to the most amazing lady in the world. She’s so patient and loves me though I have flaws. Marriage for me, has been one of the greatest learning tools that has helped me to manage this need to check things as done on my internal list.

We all are on that constant journey of become better humans. I’m no different. So I’ve learned that sometimes I have to “unplug” or turn this side of me off. Truth be told, I don’t always need to get something done. It is ok, and a better life decision to just be in the moment and take everything in. So I did just that. Yesterday Jaclyn and I just hung out all day together. We had great conversations with each other in the morning. Then we hit up a hole in the wall taco spot for lunch. Stopped in a random parking lot to take a few pictures by random but beautiful rose bush. We then ended up make up shopping and stopping at a few other places before running into Homegoods. I will admit this, Homegoods is actually one of my favorite stores to go into. They have the most interesting decor items in there. You really never know what you will find in there. I also enjoy incorporating unique decor and furniture items into a space. Perhaps you’ll see me on my own design show one day. But I digress. We also stopped to get ice slushes from Sonic before heading over to a friend’s birthday party. That was our day. I unplugged my mind from completing tasks, the struggles of life and from the busyness of work in order to enjoy what was happening in the moment. Time together with the love of my life! So I encourage all of you to unplug sometimes. Put all the agendas, to-do lists, or work tasks to the side. And just have a day to relax and do something you love. Do something for you. And enjoy the time you have with the people you love. Be in the moment and not somewhere else!

Of course we cant leave without talking about this Fit! This shirt is one of my favorites right now. It’s a cut sleeved frayed plaid shirt. Anything frayed is a great thing my book. It’s definitely a hot look this season. I was drawn to the plaid colors of this shirt. Its like a homage to the 90’s. Maybe it reminds me of my TGIF days watching Boy meets world with Sean, Cory and Topenga. I just took y’all way back. This shirt is so dope! The pic below will give you a view of the side zipper detailing of the shirt! I love it!

These stone wash denim jeans are one of my favorite jeans in my rotation right now. As you can tell, there’s a frayed theme happening right now because of the knee rips on these jeans. These jeans are really comfortable and really affordable which is always a great thing! So if you are in the market for a pair of denims go pick up a pair. Of course, a nice timepiece takes an outfit up a few notches. Micheal Kors did a great job on this chronograph runway watch. Though I had this watch for a while, people still compliment me on the watch.

Last but not least are these tan chelsea boots. There are a lot of chelsea boots that look alike. I’ve searched for a while to find a chelsea boot that was different from everything else I saw. And these were it. These chelsea boots have a rugged, worn feel to them. They are also shaped a little differently than your normal chelsea boot but that’s what I love about them. Most of all you can wear them for hours on end and not hate yourself afterwards ha.

The Entire Fit:
Shirt / Forever 21 Men
Jeans / TopMan
Shoes / TopMan
Watch / Michael Kors

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  1. Jaclyn
    May 8, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    I love spending time with you. You are the greatest husband to me. I’m forever thankful that I get to spend everyday with you – you light up my days & truly are my bestie. While I help you unplug, you help me get things done! hahaha! 😉 LOVE YOU, my honey! Amazing blog post.

    • fedrickbowe
      May 12, 2017 / 4:20 pm

      This could be the best comment I’ve ever gotten in life. I love that we balance each other out and push each other to grow. Seriously, you help me to become a better man. The fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with you still blows me away. I love you so much. Thanks for your kind words and for always being so supportive.

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