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Hey everyone,

I don’t know why but there’s something inside me that makes me want to reach out and connect with the person that may be labelled as the ‘outcast.” You know, that person in a room full of people that just sits by themselves and has no one to talk to. The awkward person that the “cool kids” in the movie Mean Girls would dismiss and not talk to. That’s the person that I go after. I try to make it a point to connect with that person. A simple “hi” can go a really long way. We all at some point have been in that boat. Perhaps you moved to a new city or attended a new school and knew no one. You have no friends. You hope and pray that someone somewhere would come up to you and start a conversation with you. I have been that person many times in my life. I know this may seem like a shocker to most of you out there that know me, but I am an introverted-extravert.

If I were to break it down percentage wise, I would say that I am 75% introverted and 25% extraverted. In essence, I put on the extraverted hat when I need too and when I reach a certain point I’m ready to find my way home and chill on my couch. Being able to flip my extraverted switch is a skill I’ve mastered over time but this wasn’t always the case. I have been in countless situations where I wish someone came up to me to say hi. I know the feeling all to well. The feeling where you feel the room is crashing down on you. So much so that you are experiencing a shortness of breath. No one sees you. No one wants to be your friend and you feel that you are all alone. Because I’ve experienced this, I want to do all I can to make sure that no one feels that they aren’t seen. One of the best way to do this is to just smile, and say hi to someone. We downplay the impact that a simple “hi” can make to someone’s day. Two letters have the power to transform someone’s day or even form a long lasting friendship. Let’s engage the people around. Engagement is huge right now on social media platforms like facebook or instagram. But engagement is even more important to those we encounter in our daily lives. Lets take an extra second to connect, encourage, and speak life over someone. Let’s keep our eyes opened to spot the overlooked and make sure that they feel seen and appreciated!

Of course we have to talk some style.

This shirt has all the details a guy could ask for. Firstly its a long line black denim. You can never have too much of those in the closet. Am I right? Running along the sides of this shirt are chrome eyelets that are connected by extra long laces fastened by in an X-pattern design thats so dope! What takes the shirt over the edge is that the laces hang down a lower than the shirt. Seriously, this shirt is dope!

These Rayban wayfarer shades are just classic. They have a two tone color design that drew me to the shades initially. I just like unique things. Things that stick out. But these shades fit well on your face.

Lets talk about these jeans. The patchwork is so good. Serious;t my favorite pair of jeans right now. From a standpoint of comfort, look, durability, and style these jeans did not disappoint at all. Last but not least we have to talk about the kicks! I love me some kicks. The prime knit NMD Xr1 speaks for themselves. The colorway is so nice. The shoes fit to your feet. It almost feels as thought you are wearing socks. The boost technology in this shoes make them feel like clouds. Go get you some NMDs. And remember to say “hi” to someone that would otherwise getv walked past and overlooked.

Outfit Details:

Shades / Rayban
Shirt / Zara
Jeans / Neuw Denim
Shoes / Adidas Originals NMD
Watch / Daniel Wellington

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