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Meet Matt & Jacqueline Marciante. They are two of (Jaclyn’s and my) closet friends. We met over four years ago while volunteering with the youth ministry at Gateway Church. It didn’t take long for us to become friends. We’ve served together, worked together, stood in each other’s wedding, and were even teammates together in a basketball league. These are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet in life. They are super creative and extremely talented. Matt and Jackie are the real deal y’all. They love people, each other and they love Jesus. Matt and Jackie stepped out on faith a few months back and started a shoe line called (Marciante & Company). They’ve worked really hard to make this dream a reality. Let’s be honest, they have some really dope stuff. Guess what, they are currently running a contest where you can win free shoes for life! Yes, Seriously…Free shoes for life so enter by clicking here. I thought it would be cool to ask a few questions about their journey so here goes.

1. What lead you to start your company? 
I’ve always been passionate about footwear. Shoes & Boots. My dad has been in the footwear business for almost 30 years and I always thought it would be cool to have my own shoe line someday. Jacqueline has a love for fashion and style, so we thought we could make something with superior quality but not a crazy high price tag. Then the idea was born.

2. How would you describe Marciante and Co to someone? Marciante & Company exists to provide honestly priced, top quality leather footwear and accessories.

3. What was the process like starting your company? It has been a lot of fun! A lot of things I’ve learned on the fly and some skills and passions I’ve been able to tap into that I didn’t know were there before. It’s been cool to be able to take our personalities and character and use that to shape the company. Feels like we’ve created an extension of ourselves so there’s a lot of passion in it.

4. What was your biggest struggle during this process? Brand recognition has been an uphill climb. A lot of people want to know why they should choose us over other brands (bigger or smaller.) So kind of educating people on what quality looks like and the craftsmanship of doing stuff in a smaller factory with people using their hands more than big machines and conveyor belts. Also letting the pricing speak for itself. Just trying to get in front of a lot of people in a crowded and competitive market has been tough.

5. What makes Marciante and Co. different from any other shoe company? We’re both really stubborn haha, so our quality reflects that as well. A lot of companies will look for ways to cut costs and a lot of times that means taking shortcuts or using cheaper materials to get things done, and then driving the price up super high because of a name brand. We’ve chosen not to do that. Out of respect for the people, and desire to have real relationship with our customers, we’re promising not to compromise in our quality and to still maintain honest pricing without the huge retail inflation.

6. How can people join the movement? Right now the main way people can get on #teammarciante is through sharing the word! Word of mouth really means a lot and is still the best marketing there is. So sharing the brand with people, via social media, blogs, radio, podcasts, even just texting or emailing links to people is really great and exposes people to who we are and what we have to offer! Then once July comes, people can preorder the shoes they want from the kickstarter and start wearing them when they ship later in the summer!

7. What’s next for your company? We launch our kickstarter campaign July 13th. The goal is to raise enough funds to at least cover the first full run of inventory so the online store can get up and running! Everything right now is pointing towards that, just trying to get exposure, introduce our brand to the public and hopefully build up a fanbase that we can carry into the campaign with us to help us out!

8. When are you planning to launch Marciante and co (launch party/kickstarter)? The kickstarter goes live July 13th, so that night we’re hosting a public launch party at Grapevine Craft Brewery in Grapevine TX. We’ll have some pictures and the samples of all the shoe styles there for people to see, and then they can order online right then and there!

9. When and how can we buy products from Marciante and Co? July 13th-August 13th on the kickstarter the products will be available at a special discounted rate (only for the duration of the kickstarter) and then in August when the campaign is over the online store will go live and people can begin purchasing straight from there!

10. What’s your biggest hope/dream for your company? We would love to make something special. Something that when people buy our products they feel good about it, no buyer’s remorse. And then when they wear or products they feel good about themselves. Like they’ve treated themselves to something really nice, that boosts their confidence and makes them feel great.

I am so excited for Matt and Jacqueline as they get closer to the launch of their shoe line, Marciante & Company! I love that their company has taken the stance to provide honestly priced, top quality leather footwear and accessories. Who doesn’t like quality items at a great price? I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this power couple! Go support them and buy a dope pair of shoes during the kickstarter on July 13th!

Things to remember:

Come hang out at the public launch party on July 13th at (Grapevine Craft Brewery) in Grapevine TX.

Go check out their website: Marciante & Company

To Win FREE SHOES for Life click here. Seriously click the link, its free shoes for life!

Thanks for reading! Also shout out to Cory Hale for the awesome photos in this post!

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